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Plant Based wins Phnom Penh 10km International - June 2024

In June, two of our athletes made a competitive journey to South East Asia. They took part in the Phnom Penh 10km race, which is part of the international race series organized by Cambodia Events. The race started bright and early at 5:45 am to beat the scorching heat and humidity of the region.

Our athletes mentioned that even at that time, the humidity was no joke, hitting a whopping 93%. The temperature was 26C, but it felt like a toasty 30C. Quite a change from the typical Irish summer weather our Irish based club members are used to!

Rachel made our club proud by securing pole position and winning the women's 10km event. Despite the challenging conditions, Lea also performed exceptionally well, finishing fourth overall and being the first M50 participant to cross the finish line.

We congratulate our athletes for their outstanding performance while traveling and competing under these circumstances.


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