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2024 Munster Master's Indoor Championships - February 2024

Plant Based AC was delighted to be facilitated to compete as a guest in the 2024 Munster Master's Indoor Championships. The event was held in the Nenagh Olympic Stadium, on the outskirts of Nenagh town. A treasure of a facility to have.

The event was packed with competitors and supporters on the day, with many having travelled a decent distance for the annual competition. Rachel represented Plant Based AC in a number of track events, including the 400m, 800m and 1,500m. Word in was that the crowd were incredibly friendly, supportive and that the event was superbly run. The officials and volunteers on the day were welcoming and supportive to all athletes throughout the day with plenty of patience and good humor thrown in.

Rachel finished first in her category in the 800m and 1,500m, winning two gold medals from these events. For her first attempt at a 400m track race, she achieved second in her category and a silver medal for the effort. With two gold medals, one silver medal and three personal records on the day, it was definitely a successful trip for Plant Based AC with lots to learn about track into the future. Rachel has shared her experiences of the day below.

Congratulations to all competitors on the day, great to see so many out competing at this prestigious provincial event and thanks  to Munster Athletics for welcoming Plant Based AC to compete.


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