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Plant Based cleans up at the National Indoor Track Championships - January 2024

The 2024 Irish National Indoor Track Championships took place in Athlone on Saturday 13 January. Our athletes had entered an array of events and got there early to check in and warm up. It was a busy event, with many clubs and regions represented on the day with numerous athletes present.

Lea kicked things off in the 1500m M50 event, which encompassed athletes from M40 - M59. The track was full of athletes, Lea stormed to the front early and held the lead, earning gold in the M50 category.

Rachel was up next in the 800m F40 category and again, the field was mixed with athletes from F35 - F59. Rachel had a strong start, also taking an early lead and returning home in first position for F40 with a gold medal earned.

Lea was up then again, racing his second event of the day, the 800m. This event again had a strong field of contestants, being the national championships, it was to be expected! Again, onlookers were in for a treat, as Lea stormed to the front and stayed there, letting no-one past for the entire race, which was over quickly! Lea won his second gold of the day. Well done Lea, what a start!

It was back to Rachel then for the 3000m women's championships. This race again had a mixed age grouping, same as earlier. Rachel raced consistently and persistently to achieve a second gold medal in the National Championships.

Onto the final event of the day for Plant Based AC where Lea was up against competitors once again, just 30 minutes after his 800m victory. Surprising everyone, he flew to the front like Shergar! He clipped quickly around, without anyone passing for the whole race. Another gold medal, the third of the day!

Synopsis: five races competed in, five gold medals. Strong racing from Plant Based AC - well done to all competitors and thanks to the organisers and Athletics Ireland for such a smoothly run event on the day. Looking forward to the next one!


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